Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fried Mixed Veg with Spaghetti

1 cup cooked spaghetti
1 red chili - sliced
1 capsicum - cut
3 garlic - chopped
2 slices ginger
1/2 bunch broccoli
few pieces fresh prawn
1 slice boneless chicken - cut
1 carrot - cut ( or any other vegetables according to your desire)
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp heavy creme
Salt/ pepper/ chicken stock granules etc (to your taste)

1. Melt butter in a sauce pan, and grill the chicken until brown, set aside. Do the same thing for the prawn.
2. Clean the wok, and add 1 tbsp cooking oil, saute the garlic and ginger until brown. Add in chili and capsicum. Season with salt, pepper and chicken stock, Add spaghetti and continue stirs.
3. Return the prawn and chicken and add in the heavy creme. Stir well and served.

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