Monday, 6 August 2012

Penjan Ubi Kayu (Tapioca with Palm Sugar)

A Malay dessert. I learned this from my mother, a very simple and fast preparation.

1/2 kg Tapioca (ubi kayu)
200gm Palm sugar
100gm brown sugar
1/4 cup thick coconut milk
Salt to taste
1 pandan leaf (tie into knot)

1. Peeled tapioca and cut. Boiled with water and 1 tsp salt until it soft. Removed and set aside
2. To make the syrup; Combine 1/4 cup water, pandan leaf, palm sugar and brown sugar . Cook until dissolved. (Do not put too much of water)
2. Add coconut milk, simmer on slow heat & constantly stir until thick
3. Add the tapioca and mixed well
4. Allow to cool before served. ( I prefer when it chilled)

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