Sunday, 8 April 2012

Beef/ Chicken Satay

I dont have to elaborate further about this recipe. Everyone knows how good the taste is. It's has been our tradition to cook this on Hari Raya and served it with nasi impit (rice cubed). This is not a simple one, but since there is request for this recipe. So lets try this


1/2 kg Beef or Chicken meat - cut into small pieces
1 packet of satay sticks

(Marinade ingredients - Blend to paste)
4 stalks lemongrass - cut
10 pcs small onions
2" ginger
2" galangal

1 tblsp cumin powder
1 tblsp Fennel powder
1 tblsp turmeric powder
1/2 cup honey
2 tblsp peanut oil
2 tblsp salt


1. Combine meat with all other ingredient and marinade over night
2. In a separate bowl, mixed cooiking oil and honey.
3. Use the satay sticks and arrange the meat. Brush the oil+honey on the meat
4. Grilled or BBQ the satay. Keep brush the satay while cooking

1/2 kilo ground nut
2 sticks palm sugar
1 tblsp tamarind paste
Sugar & salt to taste

Ingredients B
6-8 pcs onions
4-5 pcs garlics
3 lemongrass - cut
2" galangal - cut
1 ½" ginger - cut
6-8 dried chilli

1. Fried the groundnuts with about 3 tblsp of cooking oil. Pound or blend coarsely
2. Soaked groundnuts with 2 cups of hot water with sugar and set aside
3. Stir fried the ingredient B with oil. Combine all with 1/2 cup water and blend until smooth
4. Heat up 2 tblsp oil in a pot. Sautee the ingredient B (paste) until fragrant
5. Add the groundnuts mixture into the pot, at let it simmer
6. Add palm sugar, tamarind, sugar and salt. Add water if its too thick. keep stirring until it's boiled
7. Served satay with rice cube, cut onion, cucumber and gravy.

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