Monday, 19 March 2012

Kampot Pepper Fish Fillet

Kampot pepper is a pepper with great taste quality, It's come from Cambodia. This recipe is can be used for beef, chicken or prawns. I will cook the Kampot pepper beef or chicken soon and upload the picture. At meantime lets try this one first.

1 Dory fish - cut and coat with salt and turmeric
1 big onion (yellow) - sliced
3- 4 stalk fresh green peppercorn
4 pcs garlic - chopped/ crushed
2-3 red chilli padi - crushed
Lettuce leaves

Ingredient A -(mixed all)
1 tblsp palm sugar
1 tblsp freshly ground black pepper
2½ tblsp mushroom sauce
3 tblsp fresh lime juice
1 tsp fish sauce

Cooking oil

1. In a bowl, combine sugar, black pepper, soy sauce, garlic, chiles and half the lime juice.

2. Coat fish with salt and turmeric powder and deep fried it. Keep a side
(For beef and chicken, marinate for at least 30mins but do not deep fry)

3. Heat up oil in a wok, sauté  in garlic and chilli padi until fragrant, and then add in cut yellow onions and greenpepper corn.

4. Add ingredient A, stir fry for few mins and finally add fried fish fillet. Slowly stir until it mixed properly. (for beef and chicken, stir fry until cooked)

5. Garnished with lettuce and served with rice

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Jack Thumpson said...

Can you get kampot pepper in Malaysia?