Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Butter Prawn with Egg Floss

10 pcs big prawn
2-3 strands curry leaves
1/2 sticks butter
3 cloves garlic  - chopped
3-4 pcs bird'seye chilli (chilli padi) - slice ( reduced if you dont like it spicy)
1/2 cup full cream fresh milk (evaporated milk)
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste

Cooking Oil

Egg Floss
4 eggs yolk
salt & pepper to taste

1. Heat wok, melt 3 tblsp butter and a bit of oil. Add egg yolk and keep stir to turn it into floss; until it turn brown. Remove from wok and drain the oil in a strainer. Set aside
2. Add oil into the wok, Add half of curry leaves. Deep fry prawn for few minutes. Remove and keep aside
3. Reduced the oil, leave about 1 tblsp only. And then melt the balance of butter.

4. Add chopped garlic, onion, curry leaves and chilli. Keep stir until it turns brown.
5. Continue with milk and prawn and add salt and sugar to taste.
6. Transfer to plate and garnished with egg floss. Serve immediately

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