Saturday, 10 March 2012

Black Pepper Noodles

1 packet yellow mee
Few slices beef or chicken - sliced thinly
3 pcs garlic - chopped
3 tblsp blackpepper - pound
1 bundle pak choy (sawi) - cut
1 carrot - cut
1/4 water
1 tblsp light soya sos
1 tbls tomato sos
1 tsp chicken stock
salt to taste

1) Blanch noodles in hot water for 1 min. and then washed it cold water. Repeat the same process one more time the leave it aside.
2) Heat wok with 2 tblsp cooking oil. Add chopped garlic and blackpepper & pepper
3) Add beef or chicken and water and let it simmer
4) Once beef is tender, add light soy sos, tomato sos, chicken stock and salt if needed
5) Combine noodles into wok and stir well.
6) Add pak choy and carrot
7) Served while it's hot

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