Monday, 5 March 2012

Oyster Sauce Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Ingredient A
3pcs chicken breast - cut into small pieces
2 tblsp plain flour
8pcs dried chili - cut into 2 remove the seeds
1 tblsp chili paste
2 big onions - cut into 4
3pcs garlic - chopped
1/2" ginger - chopped
1 carrot - sliced
1/2 cup roasted cashew nut
Spring onions - Sliced

Ingredient B (Combine All)
1 tblsp light soya sauce.
1 tblsp dark soya sauce. 
1 tblsp tamarind juice.
3 tblsp oyster sauce.     
1 tsp sesame oil.                  
1 tsp pepper.                           
1 tblsp corn flour
3 tblsp water.        

1) Coat chicken with flour, pepper and a pinch of salt. Deep fry then keep aside
2) Remove oil and leave about 2 tblsp oil. Add dried chili, garlic and ginger until brown
3) Add chili paste, carrot and big onion - stir well
4) Put in ingredient B, and fried chicken. let in cook for 2 mins and add corn flour mixture.
5) Finally add cashew nut, quick stir and remove from the stove
6) Garnish with spring onions

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