Friday, 6 April 2012

Kurma Telur

4 eggs - boiled and peeled the shell
2 potato - peeled and cut
1 bowl coconut milk
2 tblsp korma powder (mixed with water)
3 onion - chopped
2 garlic - chopped
1/2" ginger - sliced
2 green chilli
1 tblsp ghee
1 tblsp cooking oil
1 stalk curry leaves
1 pcs tamarind peel
2 green chilli
1" cinnamon stick
3 cloves
2 star anis
4 cardamom
1 tsp chicken stok (powder/granules)
Salt & pepper to taste

1. Melt ghee together with oil, saute' the chopped onions, garlic, ginger & cinnamon stick, cloves, staranis and cardamom until brown
2. Add in korma paste, stir fry until fragrant and then add in potato and coconut milk, bring to boil until thick
3. Add all the eggs, tamarind peel, chicken stock, green chillies, salt and pepper. Let it simmer for few minutes
4. Dish out and served

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