Sunday, 18 March 2012

Khmer Amok Chicken

I had a chance to learn this, during my trip to Cambodian. This is their traditional dish called 'Chicken Amok'. Quite easy to cook and the way it was presented is so unique and beautiful.

(serving for 1 pax)

1 pc chicken thigh (remove the bones and cut into small pieces)
1 pc whole young coconut
1 tblsp thick coconut cream (or milk)
2 tsp roasted peanut (groundnut)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp fish sauce
1pc salad - sliced
2 pcs of banana leaves & tooth picks
Ingredient for Kroeung paste - (Blend all)
2 garlic
2 onion
1/2" galangal
1/2" ginger
1 lemongrass (slice)
1/4" fresh turmeric
2 pcs kaffir leaves

1 pcs kaffir leaf  - sliced thinly
1 red chilli  - sliced thinly
2 tblsp coconut cream - (heat up in a small pot with slow heat)

1. Heat up the steamer with water.
2. In a bowl, mixed chicken meat with 2 teaspoon of kroeung paste, salad, salt, sugar, coconut cream & fish salt. Keep aside
3. Use the banana leaves, and make a cup (mould) as per the picture
4. Put the chicken mixture into the banana leaves bowl. Slowly put it in the steamer and steam it.
5. After 5 minutes, put the young coconut in the steamer together with the chicken and continue until the chicken cook properly for about another 10 minutes.
6. Swith off the stove. Remove the young coconut and the chicken from the steamer
7. Scoop the chicken into the young coconut.
8. Heat up coconut cream in a small pot. Use only 2tsp and put it on top of the chicken and garnish with kaffir leaves and chilli
9. Served with white rice

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