Friday, 9 March 2012

Daging Masak Hitam

1/2 kg beef - sliced & boiled (keep at least 1/2 cup it's stock)
2 stalks curry leaves
1 tblsp ghee
1 tblsp oil
1 cinnamon stick
1 big onion ( sliced)
2 Green chilli (optional)

Ingredient B - Mixed in a bowl
1tbslp tomato sos
1 tblsp chilli sos
3 tblsp dark soy sos
1 tsp sugar (add more if you prefer it sweet)
Salt to taste

Ingredient C - To blend
1" ginger
5 small onion
3 tblsp curry powder
5 -6 dried chilli

1. Melt ghee with oil in a wok. Add ingredient C and curry leaves, stir fry until you can see the oil
3. Add beef with it's stock, let it simmer
4. Add ingredient B and mixed it well.
5. Add green chilli & sliced onion & it's ready!

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