Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Char Keoy Teow (Kuay Teow Goreng)

This is chinese style and very well known as Penang Char Keoy Teow. This is my father's favourite food beside his normal Malay dishes. This is really tasty but to get the actual Penang style you need to cook in on high flame and very quick stir of course.. with a lot of noice too. (Especially knocking the wok with the spatula) ... LOL !!! So try it.... ok

Ingredients A
1 pckt Keoy Teow noodles - make sure it loosen not clump
8 pcs fresh prawn
1 bowl fresh bean sprouts Chinese chives (kuchai) - cut
4-5 garlics - chopped
1 egg
1/4 cup of peel cockles (optional - I did'nt use it)

Ingredient B - sauce
2 tblsp dark soya sos. )
1 tblsp oyster sos.       )
5 tblsp light soya sos. )  combine all
1 tblsp fish sauce.      )
1 tblsp sugar.             )
salt & pepper.            )

Chili Paste
4-6 pcs dried chiles. )
2 red chilies.             ) Blend & cook for few minues
3 small onion.           )

1) Heat up wok, add cooking oil and stir- fry chopped garlic until fragrance
2) Add prawn, keep stirs until prawn change color
3) Add the noodles and the sauce mixture - stir quickly
4) Add chili paste (depending on your taste) and cockle into the wok.
5) Add the bean sprouts into the wok.
6) Push the Keoy Teow to 1 side, and break and egg for few second and mixed it with the noodle 
7) Add chives mixed well.
8) Served immediately

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Jack Thumpson said...

Not quite the same without egg and cockles.